Help Your Plants Beat the Heat

It’s no secret that humans and pets can suffer in the heat, but did you know that plants can as well? When summer temperatures soar, plants can really feel the heat stress, especially if the weather is also dry. 3AM Growers is in Tallassee, Alabama, and trust us–we know from hot weather! Here are some simple ways to protect plants against heat stress this summer.

  • Water Carefully. The hotter it gets, the more moisture evaporates from the soil. Watering your plants in the morning, before it gets hottest outside, is a great way to make sure the roots can absorb the water they need. Some plants may also need to be watered more frequently or with more volume in the summer. hot summer sun
  • Plant Deeper. You can plant your seeds a little deeper if you know you’ve got a late start this year, if you’re expecting a really hot summer, or if you live in an area that sees warm temperatures all year round. This will help protect seeds and fledgling root systems from scorching before they have a chance to get established.
  • Keep the Sun at Bay. Even plants that need a lot of sunlight can be damaged by it. When it’s hottest outside, consider adjusting your plants so they are protected from the most direct sunlight. Sometimes this is as simple as just moving potted plants during the brightest part of the day, usually between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. You can protect plants in the ground by making or purchasing shade cloths. Make sure there is plenty of room for airflow between them and your plants.

With these tips, you can help ensure your plants will thrive no matter how hot it gets this summer. If you need additional help, though, don’t hesitate to contact us at 3AM Growers!