Banish Pesky Garden Pests

Flowers aren’t the only thing blooming on your ornamentals this spring. Spring pests are breaking out of their shells to nibble on the landscape, leading to drooping and diseased plants. What are the most common garden pests to watch for this spring?

4 Common Pests for Trees and Shrubs

  1. Aphids. Bringers of mold fungus, stunted shoots, and plant toxins, aphids are a blight on spring landscaping. To fight an aphid infestation, remove heavily infested leaves. Limit overwatering and overfertilization, which attracts aphids. Encourage beneficial bugs like ladybugs. Apply horticultural oils in early spring or late fall to destroy eggs.
  2. Slugs. Slimy, dumpy, and lovers of cool hiding places, slugs feast on leaves at sunset, leaving your plants pocked and unhealthy. Place boards between rows of shrubs or vegetables. During the heat of the day, the slugs will seek shelter in the cool space underneath. Near the end of the day, remove the board and scoop away the slugs.
  3. Southern red mites. Nearly invisible, these pests suck sap from the underside of leaves of azaleas, camellias, and other woody ornamentals. Luckily high humidity often drives them off—something we have in abundance here in Alabama. As summer reaches its peak, this problem should take care of itself.
  4. japanese beetlesBeetles. The largest group of animals known to science (1 in every 4 organisms, in fact), there are almost endless varieties of beetles waiting to make a meal of your landscape. From Japanese Beetles to Asian Ambrosia Beetles, these insects are a landscaper’s nightmare. Treat beetle infestations with insecticide, and remove any living beetles that you can find. They’ll only attract friends.

Plant healthy, vital ornamentals this spring. Call 3am Growers to buy wholesale trees and shrubs in Tallassee.