Autumn: the Ideal Growing Season

tree plantingWhen most people consider fall, they picture vast color-scapes of red, orange, and yellow leaves poised to fall from trees or lying in the yard, primed for raking. But just because plants are going dormant doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy new trees. In fact, experts agree that autumn is the prime time to establish spring saplings. Next time you’re reassessing your Alabama landscape or dreaming of spring blooms, pay a visit to your local nursery. There’s no time like the autumn for installing a backyard arbor.

Benefits of the Fall Environment

Soil, sunlight, hydration, and temperature affect how quickly your tree will thrive. Fall offers ideal conditions for tree growth. After fall aeration, your soil is loose and rich in nutrients, allowing oxygen, water, and food to reach the root system of your tree or shrub. The days are still warm, encouraging root growth, but the cooler nights prevent heat from leeching moisture from the earth. Rainfall is up, allowing your tree to soak up sufficient water.

Autumn Allows Trees to Establish

The main concern in new planting is protecting your tree until it can support itself. Apart from optimal environmental conditions, the trees themselves flourish under fall planting. Leaves and branches grow more slowly in the cooler temperatures of autumn. The energy that the plant expended on external growth turns inward, nurturing and expanding the tree’s roots. Planting in the fall can also boost a tree’s immunity to droughts in following years. Good trees for fall planting include:

  • Maples
  • Hawthorne
  • Ash
  • Crabapple
  • Sycamore
  • Lynden
  • Elm
  • And many more

Call 3am Growers for tips on fall planting, suggestions for establishing your landscape, or help choosing a tree that suits your needs.

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