Our Mission

3am Growers is committed to being a premier specimen plant material supplier for the Southeastern United States, DelMarVa and the more temperate coastal areas of New York and New England.

We set standards for stock quality, customer service, trade expertise, and unsurpassed value within the nursery industry.

  • We desire to build partnering relationships with those who have a true and sincere interest in our company: Our customers, our vendors and our employees.
  • We commit to our employees to support the importance of family unity and values as well as spiritual growth in their personal lives.

Our Background

Our Tree and Shrub Success Story Started With an Inspiration

The founder of 3am Growers, W. Guy Hood III, started his company in 1993 in the rolling plains of Central Alabama. His concept for the business came not only from a unique blend of his interests and talents, but also from the name, which was given to him through an unusual course of spiritual inspiration.

With long hours, faith, friends and the commitment of his family Guy, and his wife Lauren, formed 3am, Inc.; establishing a company which provided a variety of related services including Architecture, Planning, Landscape Design and Construction, as well as Horticulture.

Since that time, Guy’s efforts and focus have been concentrated on Horticulture and the production of some of the finest quality field grown woody ornamentals to be found anywhere. With the emerging 3am Growers, the nursery division of 3am, Inc., Hood has assembled a small team of professionals that will continue to broaden the horizons of horticulture. After a sabbatical as strictly a homemaker, Lauren has re-entered the world of design as the managing partner with Hood Architects, LLC.


When We Say Our Business is Growing We Really Mean It!

Our expertise in growing, coupled with the intimate knowledge of the related fields of design and installation, provides our customers with a quality of service unsurpassed in the industry.

Director of Operations and all around beautiful person, Leslie Ogburn, is always courteous, efficient, and eagerly willing to satisfy all your specimen plant material needs. This Includes arrangement of onsite delivery upon request.

We encourage each of our customers and future clients to come by and tour our nursery. Here you can observe the care we take in the propagation, cultivation, digging and shipping of your B&B plant material. And while you’re here our management team will be on hand to get to know you personally.


Our Story

Why We Named Our Tree and Shrub Business “3am Growers”

Interestingly, one of the first questions people ask about our company is, “How did you come up with the name?”

Searching for what to call his new business, the name 3am kept playing in the mind of the owner, W. Guy Hood III. Since it consisted of only Guy and two friends from his hometown of Selma at the time, Hood thought that it might be an interesting and appropriate anachronism for ‘Three Average Men’.

The moniker seemed reasonable, since we all are the same in the eyes of the Lord and it would always be a reminder to Guy that it takes more than ‘One Man’ to run a company.

Discussing the new venture with his grandmother, Ada Lee Hood, who with her husband W. Guy Hood Sr., had farmed near the North Alabama town of Gadsden for many years, brought change to the fledgling concept. She suggested that there was nothing ‘Average’ about those who worked the land and that ‘Three Able Men’ would be more accurate.

Certain of her Godly character and illuminated insight, Guy III knew this was somehow right but never really felt comfortable with proclaiming the name of ‘Able’. During a particularly difficult period during the severe summer drought of 2000 Hood and his wife, Lauren, who, like Guy is also an Architect, were questioning this focus on horticulture alone and asking God for His confirmation and direction.

True to His word, the Lord answers prayer. Guy continued receiving the words, “Three Abel Men, Three Abel Men, Three Abel Men.” Then it hit him, the Lord was talking about A-B-E-L, the son of Adam in Genesis, the first book of the Bible, not A-B-L-E, like some strength of worldly origin. Guy III had simply misunderstood how God had used his grandmother’s divinely inspired suggestion to remind him always from whom good things come. The writer of Genesis describes Abel’s offering to the Lord as;“the firstborn of his flock and their fat”, which conveys that Abel’s sacrifice was not only the best he had to offer, “their fat”, but also that his faith was such that he trusted in the Lord to continue to provide, making his offering to God at the first of the harvest.

From that day forward, 3am Growers has been completely committed to offering our best in all that we do: striving to glorify the Lord first in our products, our service and our relationships; customer, vendor and employee. In this we have truly been blessed and it is our desire that through our relationship, God may bless you too through the offerings of “Three Abel Men.”


We will strive to honor and glorify God in both our business and personal lives and plege to be faithful stewards of all that is entrusted to us.

You may contact 3am Growers by calling (800) 892-4326. Or, you can email us by visiting our Contact page.

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