A Splash of Organic Color

Fall planting provides practical benefits for your trees, including stimulated root growth, quick establishment, and the cultivation of long-term health. But with the crispness creeping into our southern air, there’s no denying the aesthetic pleasures of planting Alabama trees in the fall. Fall foliage is the beauty basis of fall festivals, Halloween spectaculars, and enjoying the autumn wonders of God’s creation. And with the imminent kaleidoscope of color, fall planting is even more alluring. Maple trees are an autumn favorite for providing the golds, oranges, and reds that make fall displays so spectacular.

Red Maple

october gloryWith so many varieties and such brilliant plumage, maple trees are an autumn standby for fall color. The red maple thrives in a multitude of soils, making it perfect for our Alabama landscape. Nicknamed the “swamp maple” for its native habitat, this sturdy tree can survive in areas with poor drainage, dry soil, or any landscape condition in between. Known for their vivid red color, these maple leaves can also turn deep yellow or muted orange, providing a captivating contrast with their lustrous, silvery bark. The October Glory maple, resistant to heat and drought, grows particularly well in our southern climate.

Southern Sugar Maple

The heat-resistant variety of the typical sugar maple, this deciduous tree is a fall gem. Like the red maple, it adapts well to various soil conditions and thrives in the fall and winter months. Autumn typically turns its leaves yellow or orange, providing a pleasant contrast to the scarlet of the red maple. Though less vibrant than it’s northern counterpart, the southern sugar maple offers a tapestry of color for your Central Alabama landscape.

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