A Gardener’s Best Friend

3am Growers dogs - landscapingAt 3am Growers, every day is “bring your dog to work” day. Our furriest landscapers are ready at a woof to hop onto a golf cart, race through rows of trees, and help us dig holes for new planting. But if your favorite furball isn’t trained in the garden, bringing him along is likely to create one heck of a mess. Train your dog to be your new best landscaping assistant with these 5 tips for gardening with pets.

  1. Train them young. The earlier your dog learns not to dig up your rose bushes, the happier you’ll both be. If possible, start training your pet to understand landscaping when he’s still a puppy. Make sure your dog knows not to wander off, and to come immediately when called.
  2. Know your dog. Every dog trains differently, plays differently, and reacts to different things outside. Before bringing your pup to the garden, know what kind of trouble your breed might get into, learn how to treat allergic reactions in dogs, and snag a few of his favorite chew-toys in case he gets bored.
  3. Research everything. As proven by these images of bee-loving dogs, pets make a habit of getting themselves into trouble. Before you let your dog dig around in the garden, make sure your plants, chemical insecticides, herbicides, and fertilizers are all pet-safe.
  4. Stay hydrated. If you don’t have a natural stream on your property, carry around a water bottle and portable water dish when you bring your dog outdoors. Listen for panting, watch for listlessness, and remember to give them extra water on hot days.
  5. Check your dog for fleas and ticks. The best way to discourage fleas and ticks is to keep your yard mowed and your flowerbeds trim. But even a manicured lawn can hide an army of unseen bugs. After a long, hot day of gardening, check your dog for ticks and chiggers.

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