A Beginners Guide To Indoor Gardening

A Beginners Guide To Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening So Fall is beginning to roll in and you’re thinking about starting an indoor garden to keep your thumb green throughout the Winter. So because we strive to keep you gardening and embracing what God’s work has to offer, the 3am Growers team has put together a few things you should know before starting your indoor garden. These tips are sure to have your garden healthy and beautiful. Let’s call it “the Beginners Guide to Indoor Gardening.”

Pay attention to plant position. – Make sure your plants are in a place where they can receive sunlight. Don’t be afraid to try different spots until you find the right spot.

Water at the bottom. – When watering a plant, it is easy to think just pouring water over the plant is enough, but it’s not. Many times the water can and will roll off of the leaves of the plant. This means the roots of the plant aren’t getting any water.  Water poured directly onto the soil may flood, or not reach the pot plant’s roots. An easy way to water the bottom is by sitting your plant in a dish and watering the dish. One more thing before we move on, yes it is possible to overwater your plants. Be sure to look up the type of plant you have and how often you should water it (you don’t want to drown your plants).

Don’t forget to feed your plants. – Most people think you only have to water plants, but adding fertilizer allows your plants to get the nutrients they need to grow strong. Believe it or not, even the best soil may not provide all of the essential nutrients required for optimum growth.

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