4 Ways Anyone Can Get Involved in Earth Day

We live in an incredible world, full of the things we need to both survive and thrive. But we also have a mandate to protect and sustain Creation. Are you doing your part to care for the world? Get involved in Earth Day on April 22nd.

Earth Day Activities

  1. Hands planting a treePlant. What’s the easiest way to contribute to a healthy environment? Plant! Planting isn’t just a way to create a beautiful landscape. Trees and shrubs produce oxygen, filter toxins from the air, help reduce runoff, minimize energy use by shading buildings, and much more. Learn about the benefits of planting trees and shrubs, then get down to business!
  2. Compost. Composting is a great way to fertilize the landscape, get rid of food waste, and help out the eco-system. It’s the process of breaking down biodegradable food and plant waste to use as fertilizer in the garden, and it’s an easy project, whether you own a garden center or you want to go green at home.
  3. Buy a tree certificate. You don’t have to plant a tree to help the environment. You can buy a Stand for Trees certificate to protect trees that are in danger of deforestation.
  4. Protect pollinators. Have you heard of the “save the bees” campaign? Honeybees are fundamental to the pollination of many common foods and plants. You can help protect pollinators by planting a pollinator garden, reducing the use of pesticides in the landscape, and teaching others about the importance of animal pollinators.

Ready to dig in? 3am Growers sells wholesale trees and shrubs in Alabama. Plant a tree, plant a forest, or plant a community garden. Just get out there and plant!