4 Reasons We Love Evergreens

Do you love the crisp scent of fresh evergreens? Want a vibrant landscape that won’t fade seasonally? Evergreen trees and shrubs make a rich addition to any landscape. They’re easy to establish, and look lush and healthy all year long. Ready to plant some evergreens? Here are just a few reasons why we love them.

4 Reasons to Plant Evergreens

  1. evergreen treesYear-round color. Many ornamentals have elegant structures, but graceful bare branches aren’t quite the same as lush year-round color. By planting evergreens in addition to ornamentals and shade trees, landscapers ensure the lawn that will draw the eye from January 1st to December 31st. Incorporate evergreens into your initial landscape design to ensure balance and beauty, regardless of the season.
  2. Privacy screening. Because evergreens flourish all year, they make ideal plants for privacy screening. Plant a row of stately firs to shield your corporate offices from a busy highway, or use an evergreen privacy screen to create an idyllic atmosphere in a residential neighborhood.
  3. Temperature control. Trees are natural marvels, providing countless benefits to homes, businesses, and other landscapes. Evergreen trees can actually reduce energy bills. During the winter they block cold and wind, keeping buildings (and their occupants) warmer. In the summer, they provide shade from the sun. Regardless of the season, planting a row of evergreen trees saves money in the long run.
  4. Instant holiday decor. Admit it, you’re tempted by the thought of stepping outside and instantly entering a winter wonderland. Evergreen trees are beautiful in every season, but when the temperatures drop, they become instant holiday decor (minus the work). Leave them proud and unadorned, snip off a few branches to use as fresh evergreen swag, or decorate your evergreen trees in festive holiday lights.

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