3 Simple Landscape Makeovers

wheelbarrow in the gardenAs much as we love laughing children, trips to the beach, and backyard cookouts, Southern summers sometimes drag. With the combination of blistering sunlight, muggy air, and sudden showers, summer landscaping in Alabama sometimes falls by the wayside. If you’re tired of glancing into your garden to find spotted leaves and withering branches, try updating your yard with these 3 easy landscape makeovers.

  1. Add color. The best way to perk up a drooping landscape is to add a few bright blooms. But you don’t need to line your sidewalk with two dozen azaleas spilling vivid blossoms. Choose one or two spots in the landscape that look bare and give the garden a facelift by adding a flowering shrub or two.
  2. Go manmade. In the landscaping industry we’re in love with “organic.” But manmade garden ornaments and hardscaping make easy updates for any Alabama yard. Make your 20 year old oak tree come alive by lining its branches with tasteful white lights. Update boring flowerbeds by replanting several varieties in an old wheelbarrow. Choose landscape decoration that won’t wilt under the Alabama sun by installing arbors, stone footpaths, or birdbaths.
  3. Add variety. The easiest way to update a garden is to add depth and dimension. A row of flowering shrubs against a white house might start to droop on a hot summer’s day, but if you contrast the shrubs with an elegant shade tree, you can make your landscape lush again. Varying the dimensions of your garden adds visual interest, distracts the eye while your plants recover from injury or disease, and brings the garden together into a cohesive vision of beauty. For an extra dose of dimension, add plenty of green foliage to balance the brightly flowering ornamental trees in your landscape.

Want to update your garden with a flowering crape myrtle, a texture-rich Southern Bayberry, or a towering Leyland cypress? Call the horticulture experts at 3am Growers in Tallassee.

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